Reema Doleh

Reema Doleh is a J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School and is originally from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Baruch College CUNY in 2020 with a B.B.A. in Finance. She spent her 1L summer at Legal Service NYC on their Community & Economic Development team. Her overarching goal as a lawyer is to foster a profound sense of belonging within her community, not only in her native New York City but on a national scale.

Reema’s insightful perspective on the transformative power of mentorship has been featured, with her insights quoted, in notable publications such as Study Breaks. She openly shares how mentorship played a
pivotal role in dispelling the insidious feelings of imposter syndrome that can often afflict driven, first-
generation students. Having personally experienced the transformative impact of mentorship through
programs like ANY, Reema has made it her mission to give back to the community by actively
participating in two notable mentorship initiatives: PreProBono (“PPB”) and Underrepresented Law.

During the summer of 2021, Reema assumed a leadership role as the director of PreProBono, an
organization with a profound commitment to empowering economically disadvantaged, underrepresented
minority, and female pre-law students. The primary objective of PPB is to equip these aspiring legal
scholars with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to embark on conscientious careers in the
field of law. This mission is underpinned by a strategic alliance of dedicated champions from the spheres
of education, law, business, and grassroots advocacy who share a deep commitment to advancing social
justice and a conscientious approach to the legal profession.

In her ongoing role as a mentor for Underrepresented Law, Reema dedicates her time and expertise to
guide aspiring law students. This includes offering insightful advice, meticulous essay editing, valuable
application tips, and conducting mock interviews to fortify the mentees’ preparation for their impending
journeys into the realm of law. Her unwavering support and encouragement serve as a beacon of
inspiration for these emerging legal scholars as they navigate the challenging path to law school. This
“Pay It Forward” model of mentorship underscores Reema’s enduring commitment to empowering and
uplifting her peers and emerging legal scholars, emphasizing the importance of shared knowledge and
support in building a more inclusive and equitable legal community.

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