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2024 Ali Leadership Summer Gala

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August 2nd
6:30 PM - 9 PM

Liberty House  
76 Audrey Zapp Dr., Jersey City, NJ
Tickets: $150
Dress Code: Black Tie

Unleash the Pulse of Change: The Ali Leadership Gala 2024

The Ali Leadership Institute is where potential meets empowerment. It’s where the untamed vigor of urban youth transforms into waves of positive change, as they rise as activists, organizers, and leaders through Civic Education, Leadership Literacy, and Mentorship.

This is not just a gala – this is a Movement.

Our evening will ignite with a stirring keynote address, followed by an awe-inspiring awards ceremony to honor the remarkable Ali Leaders. 

Savor the rich flavors of our buffet-style dinner, featuring a mosaic of uniquely favored foods.

But, there’s more.

This night is also a call to action. Your presence and investment are the winds beneath the wings of change. Every dollar raised supports our scholarship program, opening doors for the Ali Leaders.

This is your chance to be part of an urban metamorphosis; to change the trajectory of a young person’s life.

Remember, this is not just about transforming an individual, but entire urban landscapes – one phenomenal leader at a time.

Stand with us. Let’s make waves together.

Thank you for being the heartbeat behind this movement.


Igniting the Spark of Leadership in Urban Youth

We scour the urban landscape to discover passionate youth, aged 16-22, who possess an innate zeal for civic engagement and community impact. The Ali Leadership Institute believes that countless young individuals brimming with leadership potential shy away from embracing opportunities. Our mission begins by recognizing these hidden gems and assuring them that not only do they have the inherent skills but also an unwavering support system for their development.

Sculpting Leaders with a Cohort of Mentors and Skill Mastery

At the Ali Leadership Institute, we have assembled a diverse cadre of accomplished leaders who work closely with students, building their public speaking prowess, honing time management, instilling teamwork, and fostering personal development. By connecting students with seasoned public speakers and politicians, we ensure that they are not only aware of the world but are also equipped to make their mark in it.

Nurturing Leaders of Substance: Thought, Speech, and Heart

Leadership is more than just a title; it’s a symphony of thought, speech, and heart. We at the Ali Leadership Institute immerse our students in a holistic leadership education that nurtures intellectual acuity, articulate speech, and empathetic connection. Our carefully curated tasks and programs aim to create leaders who are informed, eloquent, and compassionate.

Leveling the Playing Field: From Vicious Cycles to Virtuous Circles

We are committed to shattering the cycle of class disparity and ensuring that leadership is not a privilege of the few. By empowering students, especially from lower-income backgrounds, with confidence and leadership tools, we enable them to seize leadership opportunities. This transition from vicious cycles to virtuous circles is essential in building a society where leadership is inclusive and representative.

Fanning the Flames Beyond the Classroom: Sustained Support for Change Agents

Graduation is not the end but the beginning. Ali Leadership Institute continues to stand with its students, providing resources and support for their capstone projects. By aiding in turning their visions into reality, we ensure that the flames of change and leadership continue to burn bright, as our students become the change agents the world desperately needs.

Bridging the Past and Future: Leaders Shaping Tomorrow Inspired by Yesterday

Our students are the torchbearers of legacies like the Civil Rights Movement and the Soweto Uprising. By infusing them with civic education, leadership literacy, and mentorship, the Ali Leadership Institute is preparing the vanguard who will spearhead positive societal transformations. With their hearts connected to the past and their sights set on the future, our students are the bridges of transformative change.


If you’re a business or visionary individual yearning to catalyze a leadership revolution, our sponsorship tiers offer the golden opportunity to invest in the architects of change. Let’s join forces to sculpt the next generation of leaders.

Seed Sower – Bronze: $1,000 Planting the Seeds of Leadership, One Social Post at a Time Fuel the dreams of urban youth and receive dedicated exposure across our social media platforms. Your support will be the nurturing soil in which seeds of change sprout and flourish. (2 tickets included)

Change Catalyst – Silver: $2,500 Branding the Stationery of Change, Amplifying Voices Through Social Media Along with dedicated social media exposure, your brand will be emblazoned on our a journal with a half page ad. Together, let’s pen the narrative of transformative change. (4 tickets included)

Legacy Builder – Gold: $5,000 Signage of Triumph, Stationery of Change, and Social Waves of Support Celebrate your impact with a full page ad in our annual journal, and a resonating presence on social media. With you, we’re constructing legacies, one leader at a time. (10 tickets included)

Guardian of Dreams – Diamond: $10,000 The Beacon of the Event, Letters from Leaders, and an Unyielding Presence Across Platforms As a Guardian of Dreams, you’ll receive main event signage and a heartwarming personalized letter from the scholars, and powerful social media exposure. Stand as the sentinel guiding a generation to greatness.

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