Abeera Saeed

Abeera Saeed

Abeera Saeed is currently serving as the Operations and Finance Associate at Propel Capital. 

Born in Lahore, Pakistan to a family who deeply values education, Abeera earned a B.A. in Ethics, Politics, and Economics from Yale University. Her academic pursuits laid a solid foundation for her subsequent professional endeavors. Before joining Propel, she excelled as a senior risk analyst at Goldman Sachs, where she covered the equities desk. Passionate about democracy and economic development, Abeera also was the Democracy and Economy fellow at the Brookings Institute during the pivotal 2020 election. Throughout her young career, she has actively engaged with various politicians and nonprofits, leveraging her skills to make a positive impact. 

In addition to her professional achievements, Abeera is the co-founder and CEO of the ALI Leadership Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering urban youth in low-income areas. Through this initiative, she trains and mentors young individuals to become the future activists, organizers, and grassroots leaders of tomorrow.

Abeera is a Yale Presidential Public Service Fellow, an active member of the Yale Alumni Association, and is a member of the 2020 Insider NJ’s Top 100 Millennial Power List. Outside of her professional commitments, Abeera finds joy in various activities including ice skating, baking, and watching movies starring Michelle Yeoh. 

She is a resident of Jersey City, New Jersey. 

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